Experience Jeff Weins’ Timeless Gender-Neutral Collection and Short Films

Lifestyle Blog: With Jéan & Jeff Weins Gender-Neutral Collection & Short Films

Experience Timeless Subtlety with Jeff Weins Collaborative Collection

Jeff Weins, the artist who recently made the move from LA to NY, has created a collaborative collection with With Jéan that pays homage to timeless subtly. Inspired by the pieces that were once staples in his wardrobe but had gone missing, Weins aims to replenish your closet with this gender-neutral collection. The range consists of shirts, shorts, singlets, and socks that blur the line between statement pieces and supporting cast, all while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

A Micro Screenplay and an All-Star Cast

In addition to the collection, Jeff Weins has also attempted a micro screenplay as part of this collaborative project. This short film provides additional creative moments inspired by various aspects of his life. Featuring prominent figures such as Evan Mock, Nico Hiraga, Thomas Doherty, Eli Brown, and Jesus Antonio, the film perfectly captures the essence of the collection.

Check out the exclusive collection and the captivating short film below:

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