Exploring Pedro Barros: Thrasher Blessing to Building Skateparks with Beer Money

Exploring the Skateboarding Journey of Pedro Barros: From Thrasher Blessing to Building Skateparks with Beer Money

If Jake Phelps, the late editor of Thrasher magazine, gives you his blessing and reassurance that “you’ve got it all figured out” before the age of thirteen, then you must be doing something right. Brazil’s Pedro Barros, Olympic silver medalist and 2018 Park Skateboarding World Champion, knows the feeling.

Pedro Barros Building Skateparks with Beer Money

“Phelps said, ‘Pedro, just remember, always, that you got RTMF and you can always say, ‘Fuck you,’ to the rest. You have your family to come back to. You got your roots, you’re good, you’re set,'” Barros recalls.

What is RTMF?

What did Phelps see in Barros? And more importantly, what is RTMF? The answer lies in Barros’ hometown of Florianópolis, the capital and largest city of the state of Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil.

Skateparks and Beer Money

Barros, known for his incredible talent in skateboarding, has taken his passion to new heights. He is now using his success and income to give back to his community by building skateparks. But how is he funding these projects? Surprisingly, Barros is using his beer money to make a difference. He invests in real estate and other ventures, such as a brewery, which generates revenue to support his skatepark construction initiatives.

By combining his love for skateboarding and entrepreneurship, Barros exemplifies the spirit of following one’s passion while positively impacting others. His dedication to his roots and his desire to provide opportunities for aspiring skateboarders in his hometown are truly inspiring.

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