Exploring the Camaraderie in Skateboarding: Nora Roundtable

Exploring the Camaraderie in Skateboarding: Nora Roundtable

Join Nora Vasconcellos, Jill Perkins, and Nicole Hause in the Nora Roundtable, where they discuss their shared experiences in the skateboarding world. The roundtable brings together these talented female skateboarders, who all experienced their careers skyrocket around the same time. Let’s dive into their conversation and get to know these incredible athletes!

Nora Vasconcellos: Pro Skateboarder from Pembroke Massachusetts

Nora Vasconcellos introduces herself as a professional skateboarder from Pembroke Massachusetts. She turned pro in 2017, showcasing her exceptional skills and expertise on the skateboard. Nora sets the stage for an engaging and inspiring discussion.

Jill Perkins: California Native Turned Pro in 2022

Jill Perkins, a California native who moved to Salt Lake City, takes her turn to introduce herself. Jill recently turned pro in 2022, making her the most recent among the group. She discusses the timing of her pro career in relation to her snowboarding background and reflects on the importance of timing in the world of skateboarding.

Nicole Hause: Minnesota Native Turned Pro in 2022

Nicole Hause, originally from Minnesota and now residing in LA, shares her journey to becoming a professional skateboarder. She turned pro on September 9, 2022, proudly announcing her Virgo pro status. Nicole brings her unique perspective to the roundtable discussion.

The Nora Roundtable: A Celebration of Skill and Friendship

The Nora Roundtable captures the camaraderie and sisterhood shared by Nora Vasconcellos, Jill Perkins, and Nicole Hause. As they discuss their careers and experiences in skateboarding, their bond is evident. Join these incredible skateboarders as they inspire and support one another in their pursuit of excellence.

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