Inside the Palace “Beta Blockers” Premiere: Highlights and Photos

Some Flicks from the Palace “Beta Blockers” Premiere

A Look Inside the Palace “Beta Blockers” Premiere

Last week, Palace surprised us all with the premiere of their latest skateboarding video, “Beta Blockers,” at the Angelika Film Center in SoHo. Despite the relatively low-key announcement, the event was an intimate gathering by New York City standards, making it a special treat for those in attendance. From a swanky theater to a pro part from Shawn Powers, followed by an after party at a divey SoHo bar, it was a rad Tuesday night for all skateboard enthusiasts.

Photos and Highlights from the Premiere

One photo from the event captures the humorous juxtaposition of skateboarders surrounded by a Barbie movie poster. It’s almost as if they are about to learn the concept of patriarchy for the first time. The fun and lighthearted atmosphere throughout the night was evident in the expressions of skater Jahmir Brown, who seemed to be genuinely surprised and excited to see himself on the big screen.

A sign that playfully pokes fun at a friend caused a stir, as it’s always touchy to offend someone unintentionally. However, it’s all part of the skateboarding camaraderie. Beatrice and her crew were all smiles, enjoying a well-deserved break after Beatrice released her pro-shoe. It’s no wonder her feet would be tired even in the comfortable UltraCush she’s sporting.

The premiere also attracted some familiar faces, including Leo Fitzpatrick, who starred as Telly in the cult classic film “Kids.” A moment caught on camera reveals the concern on one individual’s face as Father Bop approached Big Hen Dawg with an acoustic guitar in hand. The scene may seem intimidating, but it’s all part of the skateboarding world.

Skateboarder Shawn Powers celebrated his pro board with his autograph, featuring his own artwork. It’s a well-deserved achievement for Powers, and fans were excited to see him receive the recognition he deserved. The event also included darts, a classic bar game that poses interesting challenges when you give drunk patrons needles-tipped projectiles.

This gathering brought out some stylish fashion choices, such as a vintage Harry Potter tee, fresh Air Maxes, and a pinky ring. It’s no surprise that Father Bop, with his impeccable style, likely dominated the pool table all night. At the bar, players shooting solids put on quite a show, and the $5 winning bet would surely provide for some refreshing High Life drinks.

During the night, Pat Hoblin showed off his ability to balance business and pleasure. While his relaxed demeanor may not give it away, he was actually on a business call about a new line of pants with a 40-inch leg opening. The skateboarding community appreciates the baggy style.

Finally, a skater named Noah displayed impressive balancing skills by riding his bike throughout the city while balancing various items on his head. From a tire to a flat screen TV and even a trash can, Noah’s skills seem to be reaching new heights.

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