Lollapalooza: Behind-the-Scenes Interviews and Stunning Photographs

Lollapalooza: A Hot Summer Music Festival


For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, summer brings not only scorching heat but also the excitement of music festivals. Our photographer Charlie Hardy recently attended Lollapalooza, capturing both the heat and the amazing performances. With backstage access, Charlie was able to interview some of our favorite artists and gather their responses to Monster Children approved questionnaires. Read on to get a glimpse into this incredible event.

Backstage Access and Interviews

Questionnaires from Lollapalooza Artists

During Lollapalooza, Charlie Hardy had the opportunity to chat with some of the festival’s top artists. These questionnaires provide a unique insight into their experiences and perspectives. Check out the responses below:

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Lollapalooza was a sizzling summer music festival that brought together talented artists from around the world. Our photographer, Charlie Hardy, had the privilege of not only capturing incredible moments on stage but also conducting interviews and gathering insights from some of our favorite artists. To experience the full interviews and see Charlie’s stunning photographs, head over to the original article on Monster Children’s website: [Original Article URL]. Enjoy and stay tuned for more exciting lifestyle content from Monster Children. Don’t forget to visit for all your skateboard needs!