The Importance of Composting for a Sustainable Lifestyle

The Importance of Composting in Sustainable Lifestyle

Episode 2: Farm Boys – Forkin’ Around

This week’s episode takes us back to Heath’s farm on the Eyre Peninsula, where we delve into the world of composting. Living on a property with thin, sandy soils, Heath understands the importance of a thriving compost program to nourish his backyard garden. Thankfully, he enlists the expertise of Addy Jones, a composting guru who has mastered the art of transforming garden waste into fertile soil.

Addy Jones Shares Composting Tips

A key takeaway from this episode is Addy Jones’ advice on composting. He recommends regularly turning the compost pile every three or four days and giving it a good water. The more you turn the compost, the better it becomes.

Another fascinating insight is Heath’s approach to composting. He throws anything that has lived into his compost pile, even including a dead bird. This may seem unusual to some, but it shows the dedication and commitment these farmers have to sustainable living.

Connecting with the Earth through Composting

Growing your own food and providing for your family brings great personal satisfaction, but for the dedicated gardener, creating their own compost takes it to another level. Heath describes the incredible feeling of building a good compost pile and knowing that it will nourish his garden. With Addy Jones’ expertise, the compost pile is guaranteed to thrive.

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