7 Tips To Travelling with a skateboard

7 Tips To Travelling with a skateboard

1. Pack Light & Carry On

Okay, you’re about to go on an incredible month-long skate journey, stack the footage you’ve always dreamt of, meet new people and do new things.
What do I need for this trip?

For some people, this question is super simple and minimal, and for others, they’d need 3 suitcases and a board bag, but easily put you’re not going to need as many things as you initially think and you should remember to pack as light as possible (never skimp on underwear).

Now if you plan on checking your board (which is actually the easiest way to travle with a skateboard), we strongly suggest you grab a dedicated board bag or a large duffel that can fit your board (Remember if you’re running out of space that your board can be disassembled).

Carry on your dearest possessions, and things you need when you land – Camera gearLaptops should always be carried on.

2. Get there in time

Seems simple but arriving at your flight early can make sure your bags make it onto the flight, which means your board makes it on to the flight. For a Domestic flight, I’d suggest 2 hours and an international flight I’d recommend 3 hours. This gives you plenty of time to check in and gives you a breather before you’re trapped on an aeroplane for what could be well over 16 hours.


3. Check WITH YOUR AIRLINE IN advance

If you’re planning on carrying your board with you then check with your Airline in advance, each airline is different and it is better to avoid disappointment.  Remember if you can’t carry it on then a board bag or duffel that you fit your board inside might be the best option. The TSA list their policy here.

all airlines are different and have different policies. 


4. Size Matters

Size matters, if you’re planning on carrying a longboard you will probably have to check it, so be ready for that situation, also understand that every airport and even check in staff have differing opinions on what is considered “oversized” – In my own personal experience I’ve had one airport check my bags as standard and received them from the oversized bay, I’ve also checked my boardbag as oversized and received it in normal luggage. Don’t be concerned about checking your bag oversized if you’re travelling internationally as this is usually included.



If you’re on a budget airline, you may only be able to check one bag – The “Sporting Equipment” excuse allows you to occasionally get your bag on board without too much of an issue. Check Flight Centre’s info on sporting equipment here.



6. Worst Case Scenario

The worst case scenario is the airline losing your luggage – which means no clothing and no boards. nothing – but your carryon.

Our first tip in this situation,  pack fresh underwear and deodorant in your carryon (after a 16-hour flight this will be blessing in disguise).

The next thing is don’t panic, the airline will do it’s best to try and make sure that luggage gets to you in the next 12-36 hours. Some budget airlines may make you pay for this service but usually you don’t have to – Important make sure you have an address for them to go, be it where your staying or somewhere you will frequent that’s aware of your trip (i.e a local skateshop).



Airport staff deal with annoyed customers all day every day, so if you can be the one customer that makes their life a little easier they might make yours easier too. Keep a cool head, throw them a smile and don’t forget your please’s and thank you’s (they go a long way).


Boardstore wishes bon voyage.



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