We know things are changing rapidly across Australia but our SKATE shops remain open and supply is continuing. We are committed to keeping Australians stoked through the joy of skating and action sports. our stores will remain operational to the public until advised otherwise – with all health and safety requirements adhered to.

We will keep this page updated as and when circumstances change.


  • Shop Boardstore Online anytime
  • Enjoy a further 10% off with discount code “COVID19” and free shipping available to all orders over $50



  • Noosa, Maroochydore and Caloundra Locations will remain open until further notice


  • Contactless Payment preferred although Cash payments are still being accepted until advised otherwise+



  • Employees are washing hands every 30 minutes
  • Ramps in both Noosa and Caloundra stores are closed.
  • We are disinfecting surfaces as often as possible. Surfaces include, however not limited to doors, handles, benches, keyboards, mice and bathrooms
  • After customer interactions we are disinfecting eftpos terminals and counter surfaces, including completes and helmets after customers handle them.
  • We are no longer offering change rooms or allowing customers to try on apparel



  • Maximum of one person per four square metres in each shop, without exception!



Our teams are working hard to support communities. We ask that you continue to treat them, and each other, with the respect and kindness everyone deserves.

If you are unwell, we ask that you adhere to Government guidance by not visiting our stores. For more information, please see the guidance on the Australian Government website

We thank you for your ongoing support and understanding during this time – keep rolling, be good to each other and we will all get through these tough times.


Boardstore Staff & Team


Exploring Pedro Barros: Thrasher Blessing to Building Skateparks with Beer Money

Exploring Pedro Barros: Thrasher Blessing to Building Skateparks with Beer Money

This article explores the skateboarding journey of Pedro Barros, a Brazilian skateboarder who gained the blessing of Jake Phelps, the late editor of Thrasher magazine, at a young age. Barros is now an Olympic silver medalist and the 2018 Park Skateboarding World Champion. The article discusses Barros’ hometown of Florianópolis and his passion for skateboarding. It also highlights how Barros is giving back to his community by using his success and income to build skateparks. Surprisingly, Barros funds these projects using his beer money, generated from investments in real estate and a brewery. The article concludes by praising Barros’ dedication to his roots and his efforts to provide opportunities for aspiring skateboarders.

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Supreme PIGGY (2023): A Must-Watch Skateboarding Video

Supreme PIGGY (2023): A Must-Watch Skateboarding Video

Supreme has released their latest skateboarding video, PIGGY (2023), showcasing the skills of the Supreme skateboarding team. The video features impressive tricks, flips, and stunts in various locations. Skateboarding enthusiasts can watch the video on Vague’s official website. PIGGY (2023) is a must-watch for fans of skateboarding, as it pushes the boundaries of what’s possible on a skateboard. For more skateboarding updates and videos, visit Vague. This post is brought to you by Boardstore, your go-to source for top-quality skateboarding gear.

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Exciting Skateboarding Updates: Dylan Jaeb, Taylor Kirby, WKND, Palace, and More!

Exciting Skateboarding Updates: Dylan Jaeb, Taylor Kirby, WKND, Palace, and More!

Welcome to Skateline, where the latest skateboarding news is brought to you. This episode covers exciting developments such as Dylan Jaeb’s “Cold Call” video, Taylor Kirby’s Spitfire part, WKND’s Rumble Pack video, Palace’s Beta Blockers video, and the talent of skaters Guy Mariano and Braden Hoban. Each of these videos showcases impressive skills, mind-blowing tricks, and boundary-pushing creativity. In addition to featuring these videos, Skateline highlights the incredible talent of skaters like Guy Mariano and Braden Hoban. For more skateboarding updates and videos, visit the original article on Thrasher Magazine’s website.

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