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Orangatang Wheels – Onsens


Tougher than a monkey’s uncle

The cores in Onsens are uncomparable to any other. Their intense strength will not only keep your wheels safe but also increase your roll speed and provide a safe, locked-in feel during slides.


Perkier than a double esspresso

Poured in the new Orangatang proprietary hard urethane formula “Perky”, these are park orientated skateboarding wheels. Paired with a round lip shape the Onsens will grip when you wanna grip and slip when you wanna slip.


stone ground, for your pleasure

Onsens are ready to go straight out of their 100% recycled packaging. Their stoneground finish allows for a buttery slide as soon as they are on your board without having to break them in yourself.


Weekly Stoke 27/5/20

Weekly Stoke 27/5/20

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