Join the Rally for Australia’s Native Forests in Brisbane

Join the Rally for Native Forests in Brisbane

Take Action for Australia’s Native Forests

On Saturday, August 19th, you have the chance to join us live and make a difference for Australia’s native forests. RSVP here to get notified about the event. We will be streaming live from the Bob Brown Foundation rally right outside the Australian Labor Party’s National Conference in Brisbane. This is a critical moment where the future of our forests will be debated, and we need to send a clear message that our community demands an end to native forest logging across the country.

Streaming the Rally Live

Don’t miss the opportunity to join Dr. Bob Brown, Victorian forest campaign legend Sarah Rees, and thousands of forest lovers across the nation as we stream the rally live on the Roaring Journals. This is a chance to raise our voices and let the Australian Labor Party know that it’s time to take action for our native forests.

The Importance of Native Forests

Australia’s native forests are a vital part of our ecosystem and must be protected. Logging in these forests not only destroys the habitats of numerous species but also contributes to deforestation and climate change. By joining the rally and showing our support, we can make a difference and ensure a sustainable future for our forests.

Make Your Voice Heard

This is an opportunity for everyone who cares about Australia’s native forests to make their voice heard. Together, we can send a powerful message to the Australian Labor Party that it’s time to bring an end to native forest logging. Let’s stand together and make a difference for our environment.

Video: Join the Rally for Native Forests

For more information about the rally and how you can join, please visit the original article here.