Discover the Best Local Businesses for a Thriving Lifestyle

Check Out These Local Businesses for a Thriving Lifestyle

If you’re seeking to amp up your lifestyle game, look no further than these local businesses that offer unique products and services. From artistic masterpieces to delicious food experiences, these places are a must-visit in your neighborhood.


Jacknife is a local business that offers a wide range of lifestyle products. From trendy fashion items to home decor, you’ll find something to suit your style at this engaging store. Jacknife is the perfect place to browse and discover new brands that align with your aesthetic.

Nova Community Arts

Nova Community Arts is an artistic paradise where you can unleash your creativity. This vibrant space hosts workshops, exhibitions, and community events that celebrate various art forms. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or simply looking for inspiration, Nova Community Arts is a hub of artistic expression.

Baller Art Ware

Baller Art Ware is the go-to destination for all things art-related. This local shop offers a curated selection of art supplies, prints, and unique pieces crafted by local artists. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting your creative journey, Baller Art Ware has everything you need to unleash your inner artist.


Swike is a lifestyle store that offers a carefully curated selection of fashion, home decor, and accessories. With a focus on quality and sustainability, Swike showcases products that are ethically produced and designed to elevate your lifestyle. Step into Swike and discover a world of mindful and stylish products.

Fish King

For seafood enthusiasts, Fish King is the ultimate destination. This local fish market offers a wide range of fresh and sustainably sourced seafood. From whole fish to shellfish, Fish King ensures that you have access to the finest seafood ingredients for your culinary adventures. Enhance your lifestyle by indulging in the freshest flavors from Fish King.

The Most Interesting Person Who Ever Popped In

In the local scene, one notable personality that stands out is James Starr of Prime Pizza. Known for his love of good food, James is not only a pizza connoisseur but also a regular customer at local businesses like yours. In fact, there was a time when he suddenly needed help, and you were there to save the day with the Heimlich Maneuver. It’s experiences like these that make your business a memorable part of the local lifestyle.

The Song That Makes You Wanna Sell Frames

Imagine this: you’re in your store, surrounded by beautifully designed frames. To set the mood and get you in the selling spirit, the perfect song starts playing – “Frankie’s First Affair” by Sade. Its smooth rhythm and soulful melody create an atmosphere of sophistication and style. This is the song that gets you motivated to showcase your frames and help customers find the perfect piece to elevate their lifestyle.

Favorite Local Art Gallery

Among the many local art galleries, Atelier Editions, Tyler Park Presents, and Lauren Powell Projects stand out as top favorites. These galleries consistently exhibit breathtaking artworks from both established and emerging artists. From paintings to sculptures, each visit to these galleries is a visual feast that inspires and enriches the local lifestyle.

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