Meet The Team: Taniah Meyers


Meet Taniah Meyers


How old are you:

When did you start skating:
I started skating back in 2013

First Skateboard:
My first skateboard that I ever got was a fluro orange Element complete

Goofy or Regular:

Who’s your favourite person to skate with:
Ahhh too many to pick from. I would have to narrow it down to three; Shanae Collins, Hayley Wilson and Poppy Starr, hands down always a fun time.

Street or Park:
Park but wish I could skate street

Biggest Skateboarding Pet Peeve:
My biggest skating Pet Peeve would have to be when someone asks me what the best trick I can do is. Like I don’t know man, an ollie

Favourite Place to Skate:
Hands down Huntington Beach in California, it has everything you need, street, bowl, park and vert I mean what more could you ask for.

Pre-Skate Ritual:
Front shove before anything

Post-Skate Feed of Choice:
A Big ol’ Burrito always goes down well

Favourite Skate Video:
Almost- Cheese n Crackers

What butters your croissant:
A buttery back tail

What gets you stoked outside of skating:
1000 Piece Puzzles

Hype up song:
Salt n Pepper – Push It

Favourite Rainy Day Movie:
Karate Kid

Dream Skate Trip:
Dream trip would be getting in the van with the Shanae Collins, Nora Vasconcellos, Nicole Hause, Hayley Wilson, Poppy Starr and a few others and skating around Southern California with no plan at all, just winging. Waking up each morning and deciding what to do and where to go


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