The Great Ocean Road: Surfing Legends Revisit Paradise

The Great Ocean Road: A Surfer’s Paradise

The Great Ocean Road, located in Australia, is a breathtaking stretch of coastline that offers stunning views, cold ocean waters, and epic surf spots. Originally a peaceful escape where surfers could find hidden reefs and uncrowded beaches, the area has since become a popular tourist destination. Despite the increase in popularity, the Great Ocean Road remains a must-visit for surf enthusiasts seeking adventure and natural beauty.

The Early Days: Surfing Legends on the Great Ocean Road

In 1970, during the World Surfing Titles held in Lorne, Wayne Lynch, Jack McCoy, and Gerry Lopez embarked on a road trip down the Great Ocean Road. This journey became a pivotal moment in their lives and in the surfing world. Gerry had recently helped introduce the shortboard era in Hawaii, Wayne was a renowned surfing prodigy on the run from the Vietnam War draft, and Jack had just begun his career as a surf filmmaker. Over the years, these three surfers would become icons in their own right.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Decades later, in 2012, Gerry returned to Australia after a long absence. To celebrate the reunion, he and Jack took a car ride down the Great Ocean Road, with surfboards strapped to the roof, to meet up with Wayne. As they traveled, memories of their past adventures resurfaced. They reminisced about surfing Cactus Beach, their encounters with a massive shark, and the unforgettable World Surfing Titles in Lorne.

Video: Surfing the Great Ocean Road

A Visit to Wayne Lynch’s Home

The group made a stop at Wayne’s family property in Lorne, which was rebuilt after a devastating bushfire in 1983. Wayne, looking rugged and unkempt, greeted them with a playful banter. They then ventured into Wayne’s shaping shed, where they discussed the evolution of surfboards and their own contributions to the sport. Wayne unveiled a sleek white single-fin board from 1978, which Gerry had ridden during their last visit. Although Wayne advised against using it that day, they had a good laugh and reminisced about their past surfing adventures.

A Surf Session at Lorne Point

The trio then headed to Lorne Point, known for its powerful waves. As they sat above the point, reminiscing about their youth, they couldn’t help but notice how the once tranquil spot had become crowded and noisy. Wayne decided to join Gerry in the water, even though the conditions weren’t ideal. Despite Wayne’s struggles on the waves, the bond between these legendary surfers remained strong, and they shared in the