Skatepark Show in Brescia, Italy: A Must-Visit for Skateboarders!

Skatepark Show in Brescia, Italy


As we seamlessly crossed the border from Sweden into Italy, we couldn’t help but be relieved that no passports were required. Of course, no one had stolen a $20 salad from the servo earlier… definitely not me. Instantly, we could feel the heat intensify as we entered Italy. The air was hot and dry, setting the stage for the skatepark show we were about to perform. We had no idea what to expect, but the park was highly recommended and looked super epic. If skateboarding is your thing, this place is a must-visit.

Despite some minor sound system difficulties, nothing could stop the rocking at this skatepark show. After all, that’s what skatepark shows are all about. We even had pizza delivered to the park for dinner, the first of many pizza feasts I’m sure. The vibe was amazing for a Wednesday night, with a crew of all ages. It’s moments like these that make us realize how different things are compared to back home. Everyone kept it responsible and called it an early night, heading to a nearby hotel for some much-needed rest. But for me, it ended up being a late night of editing photos. It’s hard to find spare time to do both editing and writing, but I couldn’t resist.

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