Meet The Team: Rhys Schwitter


Meet Rhys Schwitter


How old are you: 19

When did you start skating: started skating around 3 years old

First Skateboard: pretty sure my first skate board was one of those speed demon boards

Goofy or Regular: goofy

Who’s your favourite person to skate with: love skating with Tynan and my homies

Street or Park: Street

Biggest Skateboarding Pet Peeve: Gotta love driving down to a spot to be kicked out straight up

Favourite Place to Skate: sunshine

Pre-Skate Ritual: A little bit of yoga

Post-Skate Feed of Choice: Subway

Favourite Skate Video: baker 3

What butters your croissant: A ledge that makes a good grind noise

What gets you stoked outside of skating: Fishin’

Hype up song: Rude boy by Rhianna Favourite

Rainy Day Movie: Surfs up

Dream Skate Trip: Love to go to SF or japan


Weekly Stoke 28/10/20

Weekly Stoke 28/10/20

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